Weekends are about relaxed, lightweight clothing where comfort goes without saying! When you’re out shopping, running errands, seeing friends or simply reading in the park, it’s those comfy wardrobe staples that never fail. Haven’t we all had those Saturdays that seem more hectic than the whole week put together; The ones where sleeping-in is a laughable notion; And by 5pm you are so frazzled that a glass of champagne sounds like the best idea you’ve ever heard of. Yes… we’ve all been there! So, our tried and tested remedy for these weekends in particular is to reach for those comfy wardrobe staples. They will help get you through the day. They will also keep you looking stylish, whilst allowing you to run a marathon or become a weight lifter for the day. All in the name of getting s*#t done! Oh, and flats are like the holy grail on weekends like this. Save your feet we say! All the better to dance the night away in those designer heels you may’ve spent way too much on… #firstworldproblems

So what makes comfy wardrobe staples? Funny you ask! We’ve come up with our top list of must-haves to look out for… Firstly, they must feel amazing on your skin; they must have high quality fabric that is both durable and allows the skin to breathe; they must allow for ease of movement; have neutral, plain colours and classic styling that surpasses all trends. These stunning silk pieces and oh so soft cashmere knits tick all the boxes and we’re pretty chuffed with ourselves for discovering this brand.

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If you are sitting there thinking that your wardrobe staples are in need of a bit of an overhaul, then you are in luck! We have a special Grana discount code for all STYLEBK friends. Just enter [ STYLEBKxGRANA ] into the checkout and watch those hectic weekends become a little less so.

GRANA Silk Top & Pants, Cashmere Knit | RIVER ISLAND Shoes | NAKED VICE Bag

Photography by Stuart Chen

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