In a light filled studio in Richmond, surrounded by racks and racks of beautiful clothing, we find ourselves in The Lofft Agency. A future driven fashion agency and showroom that manages a mix of local and international designers. The open space, that is surrounded by large tall windows adorned with sheer floor length curtains is also the home to Melbourne based label Viktoria + Woods.

Having modelled their campaigns two seasons in a row, and being an avid supporter of Viktoria + Woods ever since, it is with great pleasure that I got to interview the labels founder, Margie Woods and style their new SS14-15 resort collection for a small designer profile on the brand. Expect luxurious materials, a soft pastel palette, fun feminine prints, and clean tailoring. It’s all about beautiful basics and clothing that lasts the test of time, both in its quality of finish and design.

Photography | Drew Wheeler
Beauty | Victoria Anderson
Model | Philippa Gleeson
Styling | IMZ


Tell us who makes up the brand?

Margie Woods, Founder & Creative Director, Lisa Reynolds, Head Designer

How was Viktoria + Woods born?

In 2005, with a small suitcase, consisting of one long line skinny Cardigan in 100% Merino wool, Made in Australia and available in a multitude of colours. I was very lucky. Some of the best stores in the country loved it, and so did their customers. It was literally an overnight success, and from there, the collection has grown to include coats, basics, silks and so much more.

Describe the label in three words…

Timeless, modern, functional and luxurious – these 4 values sums us up.

What is the best thing about your job?

Meeting customers who truly love our brand and what we create. We also get to work with some amazing talent and incredibly creative people. One of the highlights this year was seeing Cate Blanchett in top to toe Viktoria + Woods…A pinch yourself moment.

What’s the essential Viktoria + Woods piece this season?

From the Spring RAPTURE collection, it has to be the Fiasco Biker Jacket in Bloom. Its so simple to wear every day and although its a statement colour, It is still perfectly understated.

Tell us about your campaign with bloggers Lindy Klim X Nadia Fairfax…

Both Lindy and Nadia are friends and huge supporters of the label. We consider them brand ambassadors that represent the diversity of Viktoria + Woods and how style transcends both body and age. The campaign aimed to communicate the versatility of the collection, and how perspective and interpretation provides so many options with our designs.

You also did a very successful capsule range with Lindy Klim. Can we look forward to another range, or an exciting new collaboration to come?

We love collaborations. We definitely can expect another, but this one will be a hard act to follow up, so we will make sure its perfect.

What’s next for Viktoria + Woods?

We opened our first retail store in the boutique strip of (High Street) Armadale, Victoria recently. We hope to follow this up with another, and continue to engage with our customers on a more personal level through our flagship stores.

If Viktoria + Woods was an animal, what would it be?

A Fox: Sleek and cool, they are urban dwellers, a little bit canine/feline. So they can fit into different environments. This kind of sums up Viktoria + Woods.

If Viktoria + Woods was a time of day, what would it be?

8.30am school drop off, 9am, work, 6pm, after work drinks….V+W is day to night…it all works!

If Viktoria + Woods was a taste, what would it be?

Liquorice, sweet but sophisticated.

If Viktoria + Woods was a destination, what would it be?

Melbourne, New York, and Paris… Chic!!