Valentines Day is nearly upon us with an influx of crimson and a hint of love in the air. The holiday for love has found us feeling generous this February. Men have it easy buying gifts for women. They have most of us blushing at a humble bunch of roses and a gorgeous card saying ‘be mine’. It’s a little more complicated finding the perfect Valentines Day gift for our men. How many times have you sat there thinking, what on earth am I going to get him..? Luckily, we are here to help, with our personalised Valentines Day gift guide for him. So step away from the stuffed teddy bear and take a look at the gifts we have curated for you. Whatever his interests, we have pinpointed a few types to help you find the perfect Valentines Day gift.  Bring on the romance and spoil your loved one this year with something he will love.


The Adrenaline Chaser is a guy who thrives on excitement and adventure. He is in a constant state of readiness, looking for opportunities to tick something off his bucket list.  Sky diving, bungy jumping, snow boarding and rock climbing are all activities he is drawn to. The experience over material possessions is the key point to focus on when buying a gift for your adventurer. Red Balloon is your go-to website for amazing gift ideas for the Adrenaline Chaser. A Go Pro camera would also be a good gift choice for him. Perfect for capturing all of his daring escapades. Some top of the range sport sunglasses or a new Swiss Army knife will keep your Adrenaline Chaser as prepped as Bear Grylls.


If your guy prides himself on health and fitness, spoil him with something he can use everyday. If his daily routine includes a trip to the gym, its fair to say he might be in need of a flashy new pair of sneakers, a gym bag, some work-out clothes or even a supply of hot new briefs. Perhaps a remedial massage is on the cards to give his muscles the correct care; Maybe even a weekend away at a Day Spa where you can both benefit from the relaxation, massage and romance. Health-conscious appliances and accessories, such as a NutriBullet or Fitbit are also fitting gift ideas for your Health Buff. For him, thoughtful practicality is the way to his heart. It also means he will think of you every time he uses your gift.


The Sportsman is the guy who’s either on the field, cheering from the sidelines or watching in front of the box. His favourite team jersey or tickets to the game will grab your guy’s attention, at least until the next goal is scored! You could try branching out with some sporting equipment, like a new leather football, a basketball or a cricket set. Buy him a league pass for his favourite sport, so he can stay updated with all the latest games, news and players. We think, the best gift of all you could give your Sportsman is watching a game with him and liking it.. or pretending to.


The Trendsetter is our people! He is the rare breed who always has immaculate style and takes pride in dressing to impress. The finer details are important for him like a new designer wallet or money clip. These gifts will complete the feel of luxury to his polished look. A new tie, matching pocket square or some shiny new cufflinks are all perfect gift ideas for the Trendsetter. Make sure you know his style though, or get help from an expert because if you choose the wrong style, it could be a disaster! If all else fails, a voucher to his favourite store is always a winner.


If your guy is into all things digital, then you are dating the Tech Man. A new portable play station, a pair of wireless headphones or some apple accessories will suite him perfectly. Let him dive into the digital realm with one of his favourite games or even his favourite DVD. Gold class movie tickets are also a great option that you can both enjoy.


We love the Manscaper! He is the guy who takes time out to preen himself. A shaving set to upkeep his manscaping and a new skin care regime would fit nicely into his daily routine. There’s nothing sexier then a man with a crisp cologne, find him a new scent that suits his persona and one you love smelling on him all day long. A couples facial or a day spa outing would be the perfect way to indulge in something you can both enjoy together. Shout him to his next hairdressers appointment or book him in for a Man-icure. Did you see what we just did there..?

Whoever your man might be, try to gift him with something thoughtful and personal. Something that suits him; something he will enjoy or use. However, if you would prefer to throw all of this out the window and go for something straight from the heart, don’t look passed a romantic home cooked meal, followed by a massage… and on that note, we will leave you to it… Happy shopping lovers!