With summer 2016 coming to an end, it’s got us dreaming of island vacays, pina coladas, beach days and bikinis. As we plan our next Winter escape, one bikini label that comes to mind is Australian swimwear label, TRIANGL. Founded by power couple Erin Deering and Craig Ellis, their signature neoprene aesthetic has revolutionised the bikini world since its beginnings in 2013.

Before launching TRIANGL, Erin worked for several Melbourne based labels, in e-commerce, managing the front end of their online stores, customer service and content. Craig played professional football in Australia for 11 years. He went on to run his own t-shirt label and designed denim for a Melbourne based label before packing up and moving to Hong Kong with Erin to start TRIANGL.

With over 2.8 Million followers on Instagram, its hard to look passed their eye catching designs on your daily social media sweep. TRIANGL seems to go from strength to strength. They recently brought out a whole repertoire of new designs, which we absolutely love!

To get some insight into what goes on behind the scenes at TRIANGL, we caught up with Erin for a chat. She reveals her thoughts on travel, starting a family, daily rituals and tips on her success. We were so keen to share this inspiring Australian story with you. It proves that living your dream is totally possible!

R: What did you do between 7am and 10am this morning?

E: I woke up at 7:30, and quickly checked emails and Instagram, which doesn’t always happen first if Oscar has woken me up! I drank 2 big glasses of boiling water with lemon as I do every morning before eating or drinking anything else. This morning we went out for a late coffee / breakfast so I didn’t eat anything before then (not a great move, but wanted to indulge in some bread at our local cafe so waited it out!) Oscar woke up at about 9am and I fed, bathed and dressed him whilst trying to quickly shower and dress myself and we headed out at about 10am!

R: Who would you most like to meet and why?

E: Natalie Massanet and Eva Chen equally!

Natalie because she is behind my favourite online store of all time (Net A Porter) and I’d just LOVE to pick her brain!

Eva because she’s the Head of Fashion at Instagram and I think would have some amazing insights on the future of the platform, which I am super keen on knowing about. She also is the coolest fashion girl ever and has a little baby girl called Ren who melts my heart on Snapchat all the time!

R: What is your guilty pleasure?

E: Spending time at home in Monaco, and not working for a little bit! Enjoying a glass or two of rose at a yummy lunch would be at the top off my list at the moment! 

R: If you were on death row, what would be your last meal?

E: Lasagne following the recipe from Eataly (best ever!) with French Fries and mayo on the side and a giant tub of Ice Cream, preferably with Caramel, fudge, cookie dough pieces in it!

R: Beach or Snow?

E: There’s no doubt that Craig and I love the beach! We often find ourselves chasing the summer sun and we are so fortunate that we are able to with what we do. Although we did just spend a month in the New York winter, so we are ready for some sun and heat!

R: Tell us something about the beginning stages of Triangl and how you got started?

E: In the beginning we simply wanted to sell a bikini a day! We started with wholesaling, but that lasted only one month before we both realised how much we didn’t like that business model.

The decision to go online only was made easily and quickly after that – selling exclusively from our website meant we had complete control over our branding and the way we wanted TRIANGL to be seen by our potential customers. We also thrived on getting instant feedback from customers – which you definitely get from online!

R: What inspired you to use neoprene for Triangl?

E: Neoprene was actually a no brainer – we discovered Neoprene as being a really versatile fabric to work with and that basically set the aesthetic for the whole brand right from the start.

Neoprene is thicker than the usual swimwear fabric so works to hold everything in and stays in place all day long! Not to mention that it feels super comfortable on too!

R: What has been your most memorable moment since starting Triangl?

E: Seeing girls wear our bikinis everyday! We literally still pinch ourselves everyday when we see girls on a beach or on Instagram wearing our bikinis – That’s what drives us!

R: What made you decide to leave Australia and start Triangl overseas?

E: We decided that we needed to move closer to our supply chain to benefit the business – so it was a relatively easy decision to move to Hong Kong. We have recently moved to Monaco and have spent some time in New York earlier this year too. We’re very lucky to be travelling all the time and our photoshoots take us to the most amazing holiday destinations! (We visited The Maldives 4 times in 2015!) Since having our Oscar, all the places we’ve visited have felt that extra bit special because you get to experience these things with him now.

R: Do you see yourselves moving back to Australia one day?

E: We discuss this often when thinking about Oscar and where we want him to grow up! No other place in the world has as many parks and green lawns, and we absolutely love that. But we are very happy in Monaco right now and also are spending more time in New York this coming year too – so Australia is a few years away at least for us!

R: How has your working life changed since having a baby?

E: As with all working mothers, juggling just comes naturally and I am extremely lucky in that I can work from anywhere and at any time so I just work around his schedule.Of course there was an adjustment phase and I spent the first 6 months doing less work than normal but am back into it now wholeheartedly and loving it. 

Having said that, Oscar has just started to get really mobile and needs more attention now than ever! Take your eyes off him for 1 minute and you’re in trouble!! I have also mastered the task of one handed typing, I manage to get quite a few emails done when I’m breastfeeding! It’s actually quite a good time to get some work done!!

R: For your most recent collection, where did you draw inspiration from?

E: Craig finds inspiration daily, his mind is that of a true creative and is always thinking about the next idea, next bikini, next colour palette. We’re always travelling and are very lucky to be – as a new city is always a great source of inspiration!

R: What’s in store for Triangl in 2016?

E: We are spending this year focusing on building our collection out and will be bring out brand new prints, textures and colours! As we work so closely to the market, our collections are never planned too far in advance, which allows us to work very organically and when we feel inspired, we can act on it pretty quickly!

R: With your 2.8 million instagram followers, what were some of the key strategies you used to grow?

E: Instagram is pretty much the driving force behind our business! It’s the main platform we use to share our latest designs and most importantly girls that rock our bikinis! We also have been incredibly blessed to have so many amazing customers wear our bikinis so well and be the best possible advertisement for TRIANGL!

Instagram also allows us to have direct communication to our customers on a daily basis. We always try to reply to comments, as we see the community on Instagram being very interactive. We don’t see the point in having a page and not using it to actually engage with the people following you! Some big decisions have been made from customers telling us what they love and don’t love on our page.

R: What is one piece of advice for someone wishing to start their own fashion label?

E: I think social media is definitely something that cannot be ignored – it’s really what’s driving a lot of the industry at the moment! But I truly believe that if you have a good product and present in a way that’s appealing to your audience, everything will follow from there!