We love that Godwin Charli are strongly aligned with their Melbourne roots. It was clear, upon meeting Godwin at their recent Chadstone store opening, that he is completely passionate about building a strong presence here in Melbourne, before launching into any other cities. He aims to provide their Melbourne clientele with the best customer service experience possible. From our brief chat, we got the distinct impression that Godwin is quite happy owning 5 beautiful Melbourne stores and doing them well.. And we love that! Being Melbourne residents ourselves, we feel very lucky to have such special treatment by the Godwin Charli team! The top notch customer service and product quality available at Godwin Charli is undeniable. From their latest collection, we pulled together some tailored minimalist looks to show you how we would style their beautifully sophisticated pieces.

If you have a tailored minimalist in your life, perhaps a Godwin Charli voucher is the perfect Christmas gift you’ve been looking for! There’s nothing better than starting the year off with a wardrobe reboot.. New Year, New You!

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