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Throughout Winter, constant exposure to heaters and hot showers, is the worst possible combination for drying out the hair and skin. So this Winter, it put us on the hunt for a hair product that will keep the hair soft, nourished and moisturised throughout the season. We asked around to see what girls were already using and a lot of them mentioned the brand Moroccanoil, so we thought we’d give them a try! Who doesn’t want to have lush, soft hair all year round?

So first up and arguably the most important factor to what we think makes a good hair product, is “clean duration”. By this we mean, how long does your hair stay clean before you have to wash it again? Moroccanoil’s Shampoo and Conditioner rates well on this point! We found that one wash lasted 2-3 days, before it started showing some signs of grease. At this point we were then able to use their Dry Shampoo for an extra 1-2 days of cleanliness.

Hot Tip: Moroccanoil’s Dry Shampoo is available in Dark Tones (for brunettes) and Light tones (for blondes). It’s active ingredients are super fine rice starch for oil absorption and their signature argan oil, to re-nourish the hair.

Next on the score panel, we reviewed “soft hand-feel”. Do the hair products give you soft hair, making it feel moisturised and healthy? For this we applied Moroccanoil’s Smoothing Lotion while the hair was still wet. Once dry, there was a noticeably soft and moisturised hand-feel, so again we were very happy with the results on this score.

Then there is “aroma”. This is one point we can tell Moroccanoil have put careful thought into. Their products all seem to have a consistent fragrance throughout their range. A pleasant aroma of subtle musk and floral notes. It evokes feelings of being in Bali [or perhaps that’s wishful thinking].

Lastly, we wanted to rate Moroccanoil on “sensitivity”, for all the sensitive scalps out there. We noticed slight sensitivity on the scalp, but overall, we can see why Moroccanoil is already popular with the ladies, especially for those wanting super nourished and soft hair!