We are huge fans of tonal dressing. That is, layering all white or all black in the same outfit. However, today we want to touch on how to style a monochrome outfit. The key is to keep the details to a minimum. When it gets too busy, monochrome dressing can go wrong. Keep the surfaces smooth and clean or play with textured surfaces like knits and mesh. Another really cool way to soften your monochrome outfit is to incorporate a dark navy in place of black. This adds another dimension to your outfit and adds to the overall aesthetic.

So now lets talk accessories… A small but important aspect to monochrome dressing. Black or Dark Navy accessories are the way to go as it helps to frame the outfit. White accessories on the other hand tend to get lost. Playing with accessories that have different surfaces will add interest. Surfaces such as plain leather next to suede or shiny next to matte. However, keeping your accessories minimal and clean looks just as good.

Our preference is definitely for accessories in one colour, as opposed to black and white together. However, on the odd occasion when the white contrast becomes a feature, this can have a positive impact. For example, these black and white platform sneakers make the monochrome outfit pop. They create more interest than say a plain black or plain white pair of sneakers would with this outfit. So, something to keep in mind. In fact these sneakers would also look amazing as the feature to an all black outfit. Basically an all round winning pair of sneakers..

SHEIKE Top & Skirt | WINDSOR SMITH Sneakers | NAKEDVICE Backpack

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