This years Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia was opened by none other than Maticevski. Once this was announced on the show schedule, we knew we would be in for a spectacular ride. Up against his high calibre and utterly breathtaking show last year, the pressure was on to out perform. Not forgetting that this year’s show would be the opening show. However, true to form, Maticevski did not disappoint. The entire MBFWA Opening Show 2016 was as exhilarating as you’d expect.

The enormous, expansive runway had a white high-gloss finish, reminiscent of last year. However this time, we witnessed stepped levels and pops of amber yellow framing the space. The enormity of this show was almost overwhelming. It felt as though everyone in the entire industry was here to witness this show. The entire room buzzed with excited anticipation.

Out came the models one by one, like an army of visionary beauties. The audacious styling presented handcuff-like accessories and intricate mouthpieces that sat accross the cheek. The dark, circular glasses had a vague familiarity of something futuristic. We also saw elaborate gold chokers that had a neo-tribal vibe. However, behind all this extreme styling, Maticevski’s brilliance shone through. His bold cuts, voluminous silhouettes and expert draping techniques were unmistakably present. All in the name of accentuating the beautiful female form.

So as fashion week shows go, MBFWA Opening Show 2016 was most certainly the spectacle we had expected and more! Maticevski leaves us completely awe-struck every time. How does one man possess so much genius? What an absolute inspiration!

Photography by Rachel Yabsley for STYLEBK