For our first interview on STYLEBK, we caught up with the gorgeous Mairead McGovern from Pride Models. Mairead is a young, up and coming model to watch. She has a distinct fashion editorial vibe and is a pure, porcelain beauty. We were really excited to get her in for a test shoot and share her blossoming talent. We also got to chat to Mairead about her modelling career so far. Check out Mairead’s Q&A and video short below…

Photography by Stuart Chen | Clothing Design by Chloe Keh

How long have you been modelling for?
I’ve been modelling for a year and a half!

How did you get discovered?
I had a lot of people commented that I had the look to become a model, I decided to send my photos to Pride Models, which I got an email back straight away.

What do you like about being a model?
I love having the opportunity to meet new and exciting people. I love getting dressed up in all the beautiful clothes and having my hair and makeup done.

Who is your favourite model of all time?
My favourite model would have to be Candice Swanepoel.

Do you feel different after becoming a model?
Yes, since I have started modelling I have gained a lot of confidence in myself and finding it a lot easier to talk to people!

What is your favourite job(s) as a model so far?
I have enjoyed all the modelling jobs I have done. I get really excited turning up to a shoot because I never know what my hair and makeup will be like and what clothes I will be wearing.

What do you do when you’re off duty?
I like to cook in my free time, I also bake a lot, workout and go on very long walks.

Your favourite food?

Who are you listening to now?
I’m really into Sam Smith at the moment.

What is your favourite song to dance to?
My favourite song to dance to is Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars!

What is the favourite country you’d like to visit the most?
Paris, it’ll be awesome.

Why Paris?
I don’t know, it just always interests me to go Paris.  I hope I’ll be there when it snows.

What do you hope to achieve for 2015?
To land a major campaign!