I’m a girl who loves low maintenance hair. So when I find a product that helps me achieve that goal, I feel the need to tell people… In terms of low maintenance hair, I generally only need to wash it twice a week. I rarely use styling products and tools, but instead prefer to let it run wild or pull it up into a top knot. I do have some colour now, but again its low maintenance. Call me lazy, but the less I have to do with my hair the better!

I recently discovered Nak’s new Aromas Range, which is especially for coloured hair. I love that this range is completely paraben free and vegan friendly. It means I can feel good about using this product. Do any of you ever wash your hair and have handfuls of hair fall out? Well this is one hair product that does not do this. I also find that my hair stays cleaner for longer. I’m certainly no hair expert, but if my hair isn’t falling out and it stays cleaner for longer, then I’m pretty sure my hair product is doing a good job.

My favourite product of the whole range is the Aroma Oil Spray. It smells delicious and is the perfect finishing product for me, as it smooths out all my wispy fly-aways.

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  • luciana

    Oh YES! Low maintenance hair is where it is at!
    Your hair looks gorgeous!
    x Luci

    • Emily Highfield

      Totally haha! Who has time for high maintenance 😉 Thank you lovely! x