We recently attended the re-launch of ‘The New Chadstone’. It was a huge spectacle with store openings happening throughout the refurbished areas of the Centre. One such store opening that we had the pleasure of attending was the brand new Godwin Charli store. This being the 5th Godwin Charli store, it neatly completes their royal flush of concept stores in Melbourne.

At the opening, we met the charming Maltese-born man behind the brand, Godwin Charli. We asked him a few serious and some not so serious questions where we were able to gain some insight into what this new Chadstone store is all about and what exciting developments they’ve included that are worth checking out.

Photography by APL Photography & Godwin Charli

E: How exciting! Another concept store opening to add to your growing collection of stores. Is there any defining feature in this brand new Chadstone store that differs from other Godwin Charli stores in Melbourne?

GC: The new flagship Chadstone store is all about the customer receiving the full Godwin Charli experience. Without losing our unique boutique flavour the store offers greater room for merchandising and interacting with product. The consultation/fitting area is a favourite area of mine, such a beautiful space to play dress up.

E: Do you have plans to expand the Godwin Charli concept store to other Australian cities or overseas?

GC: We haven’t ruled out an interstate physical presence but at this stage its all about servicing the 5 Melbourne locations with exceptional product and customer service.

E: What is the focus or inspiration behind your latest collection in store currently?

GC: This season is all about effortless style.  Everything from the lightweight fabrications and softer colour tones is an expression of confidence less any arrogance. I’ve also focused on keeping the collection limited in nature with some lines only consisting of 5 special, locally made garments. 

E: Do you get involved with the in store merchandising and window displays?

GC: As head of brand, I am actively involved in store merchandising. However, my staff play a crucial role in interpreting my collections as well.

E: What is the best thing about opening your own concept store?

GC: The best thing would be the ability to offer the total customer experience, experiment with new ideas and expand the brand to new audiences. It’s not everyday you get the opportunity to launch a store in a such a grand way in the presence of global brands.

E: Who would you most like to meet before you die?

GC: Michael Jordan

E: Where would you most like to travel to on your next overseas trip?

GC: I’d love to visit family in my parent’s homeland of Malta.

E: Womenswear or Menswear?

GC: Don’t make me choose!

E: Tailoring or Soft Dressing?

GC: Tailoring.

E: Coffee or Tea?

GC: Coffee.

E: Summer or Winter?

GC: Summer.

E: All time favourite cologne?

GC: The One. By Dolce & Gabbana.