Similarly with swimwear labels, you may have noticed a rising trend in new wristwatch labels springing up everywhere. For us, this means an abundance of gorgeous watch designs to choose from. However, as a watch brand, it would be fairly imperative to separate your brand from the competition. Whether it be in design, quality, make or price, offering a point of difference is key. One such watch brand, namely Christian Paul, has done this by creating these stunning marble watches, all with interchangeable straps. The design of these watches draws on the popular marble trend that is happening right now; and the quality is unmistakeable.

With an ever minimal and sophisticated aesthetic, Sydney-born designer, Timothy Caruana, uses the surrounding Sydney landscape as his muse. He draws inspiration from the culture, colour and coastal scenery to translate into extremely wearable, timeless {excuse the pun} wristwatches, that become forever pieces.

In addition to these marble watches, Christian Paul has a range of other watch designs, all with interchangeable straps. They offer a selection of stunning bracelets also. The one pictured here is made from a rock crystal called Howlite, which has a white and grey marble finish. Howlite is known to hold a calming energy, which we’re thinking will be perfect for wearing on our busiest days!

Our obsession with marble doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere fast. So we are choosing to embrace it!

CHRISTIAN PAUL Hayman Watch & Howlite Bracelet