Recently, the STYLEBK Creative Team got together for a little passion project, which we’re super excited to be publishing today! We joined forces with The Photo Studio in Fitzroy and Natasha Kusen, soloist with The Australian Ballet Company, to produce an editorial piece and short film. The aim of this project was to style a real life ballerina in a high fashion ballet editorial shoot. We wanted to bring the world of Ballet and Fashion together and blur the lines between the two.

Ballet and Fashion have some synergy, but they are also worlds apart. For example, Ballet is all about poise, posture, flexed, lean muscles and long lines. Every position the ballerina makes is precise and technical; at the same time creating effortless, graceful lines. In contrast, an editorial model’s poses are relaxed, imprecise and spontaneous. You’ll often see relaxed, slouching and awkward body positions, with the aim to create aspirational, forward thinking imagery. So in this sense, Ballet and Fashion are the complete opposites of one another.

We were so incredibly lucky to have an amazing model to work with. Natasha is every bit the perfect ballerina. Ever elegant, she brought Ballet and Fashion together superbly. From everyone in the STYLEBK Creative Team, we hope you love our ballet editorial shoot as much as we do!



Creative Direction | Emily Highfield

Photography  | Stuart Chen

Videography | Realm Choong

Styling | Vydia Ryshie

Makeup | Tre Dallas

Hair | Telleish Hair Studio

Model | Natasha Kusen, The Australian Ballet Company

Location | The Photo Studio