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The word “Purist” describes perfectly what you get when visiting these gorgeous Ubud villas. The Purist Villas & Spa comprises a group of 17 uniquely designed villas, most of which come with their own private pool. Each villa has been decorated with thoughtfully curated, genuine artefacts and materials from Bali and it’s neighbouring Indonesian islands. The Purist villa designs place great focus on honouring the surrounding natural landscape. In turn this has created an ultimately spiritual and peaceful retreat tucked unobtrusively amongst the lush tropical rainforest.

Spend all your days relaxing by the pool; Pamper yourself with a therapeutic spa treatment; Take a yoga class whilst you enjoy a breathtaking view of rice paddies and forest flora; Or take a leisurely stroll to the local cafe and shopping precinct to see what Ubud has to offer.

For the adventurers, The Purist can also organise a Sunrise trek up Mt. Batur Volcano. If you decide to do this trek, make sure you take some extra warm clothes for the peak, as it is freezing up there. We made the mistake of thinking it would be “Bali cold” [meaning not that cold], so we only wore a light sweater. Unfortunately, the combination of sweaty clothes and high altitude breezes, gave us a major case of the shivers and it made viewing the sunrise a little less enjoyable. However, the overall experience was amazing. We started our trek around 3.30am. It was pitch black so our guide provided us with a flash light each. We were actually the first ones to reach the peak, which we were pretty chuffed about. That is until we realised it was freezing and we had to wait a whole hour for the sun to rise! Luckily there’s a guy selling hot tea and coffee up there and our guide also cooked us some yummy banana toasties and eggs. On the way down, our guide showed us some fissures and caves where hot steam pours out. It reminded us that we were actually standing on an active Volcano. An experience we will never forget.

After your Volcano trek, The Purist provides breakfast for you in the restaurant. We would also recommend having a full body massage to help with your muscle recovery! To get to the restaurant and main pool area, we ambled along the trickling river walk each morning. The restaurant manager, Debi, is absolutely delightful and provides immaculate service. The food at The Purist is executed to perfection; The presentation luxurious with a sublime taste to match.

We really could not find anything to fault these Ubud villas on. If anything, our driver mentioned The Purist is a bit out of the way to the main Ubud area, but we haven’t yet spent enough time in Ubud to explore and discover where the best areas are. Staying with The Purist was our first experience of Ubud and we will most definitely be back!