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DermaQuest is a US owned luxury skin care brand. They specialise in achieving optimum skin health for flawless, radiant skin. They do this by incorporating scientific ingredients, such as Plant Stem Cells, Peptides and Vitamins. So in our constant search for spectacular age defying skin care products, we’ve decided to give DermaQuest a go to see the results for ourselves.

The products we have chosen to review today are from DermaQuest’s Stem Cell 3D Range. This range is all about providing a complete three dimensional skin care ritual. Blending Science with Luxury, DermaQuest’s Stem Cell 3D Range is leading the way with their plant stem cell technology. Creating age defying skin care products that bring the luxury spa experience home.


The Stem Cell 3D Cleanser is possibly our favourite of the products we tried from the Stem Cell 3D Range. The consistency is extremely luxurious and soft when you apply it to your face. You don’t need much cleanser as it goes a long way. The instructions say to emulsify the cleanser with a touch of lukewarm water and gently massage it into the skin. We applied it in circular motions and sweeps, just as a Spa therapist would do. As the cleanser’s aroma reaches your nose, it evokes thoughts of a lemon meringue pie. After a good rinse and pat dry, the skin is left feeling cool, clean, extremely supple and hydrated. A completely luxurious experience!


As we age, it becomes important to look for moisturisers and makeups with good sun protection. The Stem Cell 3D Daily Moisturising Lotion SPF15 not only has sun protection, but is also tinted. This is perfect for those wanting to give their skin a break from makeup for a day. The tinted moisturiser provides a light coverage, enhancing your natural colour. When applied, the consistency feels slightly sticky on the skin. However, once soaked into the skin completely, it leaves a smooth matte surface. Your skin is left feeling cool and supple to touch.


For those of you wanting to avoid botox, not only is skin care technology great, but it also means no needles! The Stem Cell 3D Lip Enhancer is designed to moisturise, de-wrinkle and plump the lips. Instantly, you sense the luxury as you open the tube. The lip applicator tip is soft and the gloss is smooth and creamy. As you apply the gloss, a subtle vanilla-ery spice smell wafts up to your nose. Then the ‘lip tingle’ hits you. This is the lip enhancer doing its thaa-ng and now all that’s left to do is pout!

So what’s the verdict you ask? Are these age defying skin care products worth looking into? Well, upon using these three products for the last two weeks, we say yes! The skin results have been amazing. There are clear signs of skin renewal and fine lines disappearing. The DermaQuest Stem Cell 3D products were also used in conjunction with a super healthy diet and plenty of water, which is another essential component to optimum skin health. So yes, all things considered we give this product range a big tick of approval!

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